Queer inside and out: care, lockdown and making history

June 8, 2021

In this episode of the queer/disrupt podcast there are discussions on what it means to have a queer perspective, lockdown experiences, queer care, as well as tidbits about archiving and queer history. This episode features Hannah Ayres, Cas Bradbeer and Mia Liyanage.


You can find Hannah (@Miss_HVA) on Twitter and Cas (@QueeringCulture) on Twitter and (@lgbtq_courtauld) Instagram. 

A selection of Mia's work can be found here: 

Miseducation: decolonising curricula, culture and pedagogy at UK universities, a report for the Higher Education Policy Institute - LINK
We’re Here: Review of the ‘LGBT+ Histories & Historians Report’ from the Royal Historical Society LINK

If you're interesting in reading, discussing or publishing either Mia or Cas' work then you can always reach out to queer/disrupt using our email hello@queerdisrupt.com!

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